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Miner is a fun and entertaining multi-level arcade game,
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Miner is a simple yet somewhat addictive game about a miner that needs your help to guide all monsters into a death trap to finish each level. Right after you install it, you will see a screen with the instructions, information about the characters, and your mission.

The game starts from the moment you move the miner using the arrow keys. On the screen you'll see several poles which the miner uses to climb up and down to each platform. To each side there will be some monsters and dwarfs, who will chase the miner all around the level to kill him. Each monster has a different color, which describes how strong the monster is, from weakest to strongest: green, yellow, and red.

The mission of the miner is to eliminate his enemies and collect all the items on the level: stars to get more score and strength, coffee cups and hamburgers to get more strength, hearts to get one life up, and ghosts to get a lot of strength and score. To eliminate the monsters, the miner has to climb up to any platform having the adequate height so he can break the wood using his pickaxe to make a hole into which his enemies will fall when trying to chase him. To dig in the wood, press the "Ctrl" key until you see a hole. When the enemies fall through the hole they will hang from there trying to get up again. At that moment you have to reconstruct the wood you broke so they can't hang from there anymore - to do so press the "Space" key to throw some dirt on the hole to cover it. It sounds easy but the monsters are very quick and you won't have a lot of time to make the hole and cover it - if you take too long the monsters will climb up again and run after you.

When you kill a dwarf it will leave a ghost behind. You can simply take this ghost to get more strength and score - but beware that the dwarfs can also take this ghost to become more powerful.

The game can be installed for free but it's a demo and it will let you play only the first 5 levels, after that the "game over" screen will be shown with your final score. At the beginning of the game you can find a buy button which will redirect to the order page in case you got caught up and want to buy the game.

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  • It's very dynamic despite of seeming slow
  • The controls are very easy
  • It's quite fun


  • Only the first five levels are free
  • Sometimes the controls get stuck when you're digging


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